Win Valentine meal for 2 at Union Jacks

Jamie Oliver's Union Jacks restaurant in Chiswick

Upstairs at Jamie Oliver's Union Jacks restaurant in Chiswick

Got any romantic plans this Valentine’s Day? How about a slap up meal for two at Jamie Oliver’s funky Union Jacks restaurant in Chiswick, West London?

The establishment’s pretty new on the scene, but exudes a laid back and very friendly vibe, ideal for a relaxing dinner with the love of your life. The food is properly delicious as you’d expect from Mr Oliver, so if you’re able to get yourself to West London on the 14th February, 2013 you need to enter this competition.


Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks are playing Cupid and giving away an indulgent Valentines 3 course dinner for two people at the Chiswick branch. Enjoy dishes such as West Mersea Oysters, Slow Braised Hereford Ox cheeks and Homemade spiced plum sorbet with twice baked fennel and hazelnut biscuit.

The table will be booked for 7:30pm on 14th February – please don’t enter this competition unless you can make this date and time!

If you want to find out more about the restaurant, check out my review


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  1. laura jane bland says:

    I had a silver love heart engraved with mine and my boyfriends name :)
    he keeps it in his wallet :)

  2. Bought my partner a puppy , that was 11 years ago and they are both still here

  3. Stephanie says:

    I just asked my husband what the most romantic thing I’ve done for Valentines is, and he couldn’t come up with an answer. So I guess a trip to Union Jacks would be a high point!

  4. Emma Ferguson says:

    I decorate the living room with a valentine theme of hearts and roses. I always bake a cake each year. Last year it was a triple chocolate heart cake with chocolate roses on top. The last few years I have also cooked a three course meal served with nice wine 😉

  5. Staying in for a posh meal, as a young parent we do not get to do much as I hate leaving my son/feel guilty!

  6. Catherine Thomas says:

    boat trip round a remote island..

  7. Would love a rare night out with the OH and this would actually be our first Valentines in 10years! Hubby puts it all down as ‘commercialism’ Long live romance!

  8. Rita Mistry says:

    For valentines day we try and go somewhere nice to eat, but this is not always possible to get a table. This prize sounds amazing, myself and my husband have never been to Union Jacks before and we live close to Chiswick. Good luck everyone.

    • Rita Mistry says:

      Sorry, I forgot to add the most romantic thing I have ever done, I organised a surprise trip to Paris and went on a dinner cruise on the River Seine. He enjoyed it although I did not know that he was seasick until we got back to our hotel. We both had a good time despite this. Just no more boats for hubby without medication.

  9. Katherine L says:

    The most romantic thing for Valentines Day … It was quite a few years ago but I planned a picnic for my then-boyfriend, now husband … complete with champagne! The thought was there, the weather was not! Wrapped up tight, we braved the elements for all of 20mins until we had to pull the plug of my romantic gesture. Hey, at least it’s the thought that counts!

  10. Katherine L says:

    I’m already following you via Google Reader :)

  11. Katherine L says:

    I’m already following you on Pinterest :)

  12. Katherine L says:

    I’ve just subscribed to your YouTube channel :)

  13. We’ve not really done anything much romantic most years so want to change that a bit and make more effort

  14. oh dear. not much i’m afraid. and i’ve been single for a very long time…..

    i’d take my son if i won!

  15. Got my finger out and actually cooked something!

  16. Nickie Chapman says:

    I’m not the most romantic person I must admit! Probably the most romantic thing I did was make heart-shaped cookies decorated like love hearts with personal messages on them (some rude, some sweet!)

  17. Nickie Chapman says:

    Followed via RSS with My Yahoo

  18. Nickie Chapman says:

    Following on Pinterest – neekeem

  19. Nickie Chapman says:

    Subscribed on YouTube – neekeem

  20. Phil Darling says:

    I let my wife give me a massage as I know its her favorite thing to do :)

  21. Dee Dmonte says:

    Got on a flight to Brazil to go to see my BF while he was working away! Crazy and not like me at all as a rule but…

  22. Wendy Lam says:

    The most romantic day I set out for my boyfriend was actually last year where I promised him I will have it all sorted. The day started with me making him help me take my little brother to school and picking up his little girlfriend along the way and dropping them off. Then after a walk through the shopping mall next to the college where we first met we headed off for a early screening at the cinema, sharing a box of popcorn right at the backseat whilst watching other couples together doing the same thing. Then it was lunch at a Michelin restaurant surrounded by more longer term relationship couples like us enjoying a 5 course menu with separate wines per course. He offered to pay but I insisted that for the first time in our relationship, I would like to pay. When we were sober enough to walk and act normal I told him to help me do some grocery shopping which confused him (he must have thought the day was over) and help me buy some sweet treats to take back with us. After another stroll and a sit in the park, watching couples pick up their children from school we made it our final destination in my plan which was to a Valentines party at an elderly community service. We dropped off the treats there and had so much fun dancing with the elders before being left alone to dance together to slow romantic music. And this was where I made my speech. I told him how I remember how we met when we were young at school and how I want to know everything I missed before we met. How I remember our first date in the cinema and how attached and newly in love we were to falling in love and just being happy with each other, treating ourselves to expensive treats to doing the more casual stuff like shopping and being truly happy and content with him just there beside me. And finally I ended the speech with saying how much I would like to grow old with him and be a happy married couple, starting a family and picking up his kids from school and like these elderlies around us, retired, old but still happy because they still got each other. And we ended the moment with a kiss sharing the tears on each other’s faces.

  23. Not very romantic, so mine is probably cooking a nice meal on the day

  24. Wendy Lam says:

    I’ve followed your Youtube as TheLamchowder

  25. Julie Picton says:

    Had fish and chips

  26. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    My daughter would love it

  27. LINDSEY CLARK says:

    Took my partner on holiday for the weekend to Blackpool!

  28. Booked up tickets to watch a musical we’d both been wanting to see in London. We also had nice meal beforehand and stayed the night at the Westbury in Mayfair :)

  29. Sophie grayling says:

    Went the the zoo in Salzburg whilst it was snowing

  30. My husband and I picked our wedding rings last valentines day . It was really lovely and nice to think we were picking the rings we’d wear for the rest of our lives.

  31. Raquel Garcia says:

    paris for the night

  32. angela sandhu says:

    I surprised my husband to a night in a nice hotel in London

  33. taken my girl friend on holiday

  34. Subscribed to

  35. Following cookingkt on Pinterest as SmokinHerbz

  36. Subscribed to the Feeding Boys channel on YouTube as Herbert Appleby

  37. Weekend in Paris

  38. Wined and dined until I ran out of paycheck.

  39. Baldwin Ho says:

    I took my girlfriend on a boat cruise along the Thames and it was quite the sight when they lifted Tower Bridge for our boat to pass. The buildings along the Thames look ever so pretty lit up at night time.

  40. got engaged!
    following google reader beauty fiend
    pinterest as violentlysexy
    subscribed as 123denisey

  41. Valerie B says:

    Went to Venice – even in the cold February weather it was wonderful!

  42. a hand drawn card and scrap book of our favourite memories together

  43. Alison Bruce says:

    I surprised my husband with a short trip to Istanbul last year. It was memorable and very romantic.

  44. Proposed at Niagrara Falls.

  45. clair downham says:

    making his favourite curry

  46. dawn Thompson says:

    The most romantic thing I’ve ever done is probably buy a card so winning this would definitely please my boyfriend of 7 years!

  47. dawn Thompson says:

    I just subscribed to your you tube channel! (in my boyrfiends name -Mike Souter!)

  48. dawn Thompson says:

    I followed on pintrest!

  49. Fran Light says:

    Made my husband a heart-shaped carrot cake!

  50. Emma Bowes says:

    Last year my boyfriend surprised me with a homemade 3 course meal, he had spent all day cooking.

  51. Emma Davis says:

    I was presented with an engagement ring on Valentines day 15 years ago and have now upgraded to a wedding ring. xx

  52. donna large says:

    cooked my boyfriend a meal

  53. Angela Young says:

    Sent my husband flowers to his works, he wasn’t that impressed as his workmates took the mickey out of him for ages over it lol

  54. Amy Ripley says:

    Going on a horse drawn carriage around Battersea Park!

  55. Hot air ballooning in New Zealand!

  56. helen booth says:

    I bought my boyfriend ( now hubby!) a (unofficial) acre of land on the moon! Obv not very real, but at the time I thought it was an amazing pressie lol :)

  57. Angie Hoggett says:

    had a candlelit meal on the beach

  58. sue willshee says:

    Got married 😉

  59. sue willshee says:

    have subscribed via rss

  60. sue willshee says:

    following on pinterest

  61. sue willshee says:

    subscribed on you tube

  62. Steven Hammerton says:

    This would be an amazing treat for my hopefully, wife to be. I am planning on proposing to her on Valentines

  63. melanie crumpton says:

    run him a lovely hot bath and placed scented candles in there

  64. Left a trail of notes to a box with tickets to see comedy!

  65. Mine would probably be the scrapbook/photoalbum i made for my bf :)

  66. leanne phillips says:

    took my partner to the upton park…it was hell for me but he loved it lol xx

  67. Laura Ingham says:

    Took him on a trip to Brussels for his 40th – it was wonderful and the plane was so empty that the hostess (1 for every 2 passengers ‘cos hardly anyone on board) gave us loads of little bottles of
    champagne for his birthday and the hotel used them to give everyone at breakfast the next morning (his actual birthday) bucks fizz and they all sang happy birthday to him – amazing!

  68. Sheri Darby says:

    Ate the romantic meal that he cooked

  69. Sheri Darby says:

    I am following RSS using Google Reader

  70. Sheri Darby says:

    following on pinterest as Sheri Darby

  71. Sheri Darby says:

    Have subscribed to Youtube

  72. Stacy precious says:

    We don’t normally do valentines but we are this year and as Jamie Oliver is my partners idol I guess winning this meal could be the most romantic valentines event that we have had!!

  73. Phillip Ross says:

    a nice hot bubble bath with candles and romantic music. then when she was relaxed in the bath i put a rubber duck in and underneath it i stuck an engagement ring which she loves to this day.

  74. jonathan reed says:

    back when my wife and I were still in school I brought flowers to her drama lesson. The little year 7’s loved it

  75. Rachael Donovan says:

    romantic meal and cosy time together

  76. joanna sawka says:

    I’m not a romantic person I am afraid – valentine cards and homemade dinner (boring – I know)

  77. joanna sawka says:

    I followed on pintrest!

  78. Susan Hoggett says:

    candlelit dinner at home, with a romantic dressed table.

  79. Dinner sounds nice…

  80. GEOFF WARD says:

    I always follow Jamies recipes yummy

  81. Petra Hora says:

    My husband booked the tickets to walk on the top of Harbour Bridge in Sydney . I had no idea where we are going to and he proposed me there.

  82. Liz ferguson says:

    The most romantic thing I’ve done for valentines day is propose!

  83. Left my girlfriend at the time, and the country we lived in at the time, to be with my new partner, (we’ve now been together 16 years) :)

  84. mike proffitt says:

    due to family comitments we could not go out, so while she was putting the kids to bed, I covered the dinning room with rose petals, and set up flowers and candles and we had a really romantic meal, she was so surprised!

  85. subscribed on youtube as Herbert Appleby

  86. Maggie Osborn says:

    I wish I had a romantic story to tell, but I’m afraid it’s just the all-too-common meal at home. Sometimes there are candles!

  87. Karl Foxley says:

    I cooked my wife a meal, lit the room with candles, got flowers and a card sent to her work… we followed the meal by watching a romcom :)

  88. Karl Foxley says:

    Subscribe to your YouTube channel

  89. Karl Foxley says:

    Added you to my Google Reader

  90. Karl Foxley says:

    Follow you on Pinterest

  91. Claire Reavy says:

    Its not the most romantic thing I have done but my boyfriend now husband proposed to me on Valentines Day!

  92. Claire Morrison says:

    Went to Borough Market, bought loads of fresh ingredients and tasty cider and made a home cooked meal

  93. Emily Nelson says:

    Gone on a fantastic driving experience with my partner! We had Champs after and took a box of thorntons with us!! xx

  94. Mrs Karen Hammond says:

    Valentines day is my birthday, for my 30th my husband make a Jamie Oliver recipe from scratch, fish dish with avo ,lit candles, flowers, made a birthday cake in our then bedsite it was very romantic


  1. Win a Valentine meal for two people at Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks restaurant…

    Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks are playing Cupid and giving away an indulgent Valentines 3 course dinner for two people at the Chiswick branch. Enjoy dishes such as West Mersea Oysters, Slow Braised Hereford Ox cheeks and Homemade spiced plum sorbet with t…