Food styling pretty cupcakes

Banana chocolate cupcake - photo by Sharron Gibson

Banana chocolate cupcake - photo by Sharron Gibson

I just wanted to share the results of the photoshoot I worked on last week for UKTV’s Good Food Channel website with my good friend and very talented photographer Sharron Gibson.

Part one of the assignment was to make and photograph a series of cupcake recipes by Crumbs Couture  – so I spent two days before the shoot baking 6 batches of 24 cupcakes – that’s 144 of the little blighters!

My role as Food Stylist was to make the baked creations look as gorgeous as possible. I’ve never been an official Food Stylist before so I was a little nervous, but the lovely Anna from the Good Food Channel website was there armed with loads of really cool props and a strong idea of how she wanted the pictures to look which really helped.

I’m really proud of what we achieved this week so thought you might like to take a look and don’t forget to check out the recipes on the Good Food Channel website – they aren’t at all complicated and taste AMAZING!

Chai cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Gently spiced chai cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

You get the flavour by using milk infused with chai teabags, so it’s a very delicate flavour. I adore this vintage crockery as the green almost glows against the white setting. Get the recipe for Chai cupcakes

Banana chocolate cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Striking banana chocolate cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

I love the contrast of the brown and yellow with these cupcakes. The sponge is a simple cupcake, but the addition of a mashed banana gives you the flavour and moist texture. I used soft dried bananas to decorate, but you could use banana chips too. Get the recipe for banana chocolate cupcakes

Mojito cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Mojito anyone? My kind of cupcake! - photo by Sharron Gibson

I think these were the favourite on the shoot – a playful take on the mojito cocktail in cake form. They’re super simple to make – regular sponge but you brush them with rum, lime juice and sugar before topping with rum and lime infused buttercream – sooooooooo good and a fab idea for a hen party or 40th birthday. Get the recipe for mojito cupcakes

Mint chocolate cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Stunning mint chocolate cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Elevate the humble after dinner mint into a cupcake experience – these have been particularly popular with the boys who are big fans of mint choc chip ice cream. Get the recipe for mint chocolate cupcakes

Peanut butter cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

All American peanut butter cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Look away if you have a nut allergy, launch yourself in head first if you don’t! These are not at all cloying, and have just the right amount of peanut butter in to be a taste sensation. If I make them again i’m going to put jam in the middle! Get the recipe for peanut butter cupcakes

Banoffee cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Dessert lovers banoffee cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

So finally I bring you the banoffee cupcakes inspired by the ever popular dessert… the first version were simply iced with a swirl of caramel flavoured buttercream, and then I did a bit of an experiment on the second version…

Banoffee cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

Swirly banoffee cupcakes - photo by Sharron Gibson

I filled a disposable piping bag with caramel and then filled in the gaps between the buttercream – I thought they looked quite smart and definitely even more tempting! Get the recipe for banoffee cupcakes

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos – I was on such a high after the shoot – partly sugar fuelled but mainly that rare feeling when you know you’re truly happy with what you do for a living.

Part two of the assignment was to develop, cook and style three of my own one pot supper recipes… these will be winging their way to the blog next…

All photos by Sharron Gibson for UKTV. Check out more of her amazing photography at The Image Garden


  1. Oh what a great set of photos, bet you must be delighted with them!

  2. These are amazing photos, beautifully styled. Well done you! What a dream job x

  3. Wow! The photos look amazing! And I must admit, I’m slightly jealous of your styling job! I’ve just left my job in order to pursue something I love, and food styling would be amazing. You’re brilliant at it. And 144 cupcakes!?!? Did they all turn out so gorgeous? Congrats.

    • Thanks for your lovely warm words :) good for you changing careers – not an easy step but makes for happier times! I’ve not regretted swapping the world of news for food. This shoot really clarified that for me.
      P.s not all the cupcakes turned out perfectly… Chose the prettiest for the shoot and have been donating and scoffing the surplus!

  4. Jan Bailey says:

    Great looking cakes Katie – I’m always impressed how well you shoot your food dishes – think you have a good eye for composition and colour. Keep up the good work! Did the boys get to eat the surplus cakes -or are they in the freezer?

    • Thanks Jan, it really was a team effort with the v talented Sharron behind the lens and Anna on hand directing what look she wanted. Such fun being part of that process.

      We have eaten our body weight in cake since then despite giving away the lion share and freezing!!!!

  5. Stunning photos and gorgeous recipes. Well done Katie! You have a great eye.