Easy kids lunch: savoury croissants

Savoury croissants - great for kids lunches]

After having house guests for the best part of three weeks on and off, our fridge freezer is groaning with leftovers. I can assure you that croissants aren’t something we usually host a surplus of. The last one in the packet will be fiercely fought over, the kids win, but then do that annoying thing where they eat some of it leaving a half chewed soggy remnant behind. Yuck.

So we had a packet of 8 croissants and I suddenly remembered seeing a post on Ren’s blog about croissants stuffed with swiss scrambled eggs which I’d mentally noted to try. We’d run out of eggs, but the pastries served as a magnificent host to some leftovers from the New Year’s Eve cheese board.

Cheese and ham croissants - easy kids lunch

Quick lunchtime croissants

Instructions: It couldn’t be simpler. Heat up the oven to about 200C, slice each croissant across the middle, then fill with whatever combo takes your fancy, close back up, sit on a baking sheet and and bake for 3-5 minutes.

Filling ideas: 

Cheese and Pesto
Cheese and Pickle
Cheese and Tomato
Cheese and Pineapple
Cheese and Sweetcorn
Cheese and Ham/Any cold meats you fancy
Cheese and Tuna

Our croissants were straight from the freezer which made them easier to cut and still only took 5 minutes to cook. The boys had ham and cheese, I had salami, cheese and sunblush tomatoes and Matthew had quorn ham and cheese in his. We served them up with a plateful of chopped carrots, celery and cucumber  for a flourish of health on the side.

Not a particularly diet-friendly lunch for grown ups admittedly, but packed with energy for those growing boys of mine. I think they’d also be great cold for packed lunches… something we always need fresh inspiration for!

The boys absolutely wolfed them down – Arlo had been going full pelt sawing wood on his workbench – inspired by all the DIY that’s been going on in our house over the holidays.

Providing fuel for the boys has always been a challenge, but they just seem to be getting hungrier and hungrier. Lord knows what I’ll be feeding them with when they’re teenagers – I have visions of industrial sized pots of potatoes boiling on the hob and several chickens roasting in the oven…



  1. Lovely Kate, a perfect lunch!
    Maybe blue cheese or brie for the grown ups?

    • yes blue cheese with chilli jam was definitely on my list for next time… or brie and leftover cranberry sauce…mmmmmmm grown up fillings are definitely bestest!

  2. Yummy! Great to see everyone enjoyed them so much. Love savoury croissants and your look much dainter than my huge versions! Cute photos. Wishing you a very happy 2013!