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Edible gifting: How to make Damson Cheese on feedingboys.co.uk
Damson Cheese
Prep Time
30 mins
Cook Time
1 hr 30 mins
Total Time
2 hrs

A wonderful preserve that goes a treat with cheese and cold meats, Damson Cheese is a great edible gift

Servings: 12 x 140ml jars
Author: Katie Bryson
  • 2.7 kg Damsons (6lbs)
  • 285 ml Water
  • Granulated Sugar 340-450g per 450g of sieved pulp
  1. Put the damsons and water in a large preserving pan with a lid on and cook gently until tender.

  2. Sieve the pulp - pressing it firmly through a sieve with a large metal spoon or ladle. Then return it to the pan and heat again until it has reduced and thickened.

  3. Weigh the puree and add the appropriate amount of sugar and stir until dissolved.

  4. Simmer and simmer and simmer until it's really thick. So thick when you draw a spoon across the bottom it leaves a clean line. 

  5. While the simmering is going on, sterilise your jars by washing in hot, soapy water, rinsing in hot water and then air drying in a warm oven. When you're ready to jar up the Damson Cheese quickly grease the inside of each jar with a little glycerine or vegetable oil so that you'll be able to turn the preserve out onto a cheeseboard when it comes to serving it up. Just miss this process out if you're not bothered.

  6. Line up the prepared jars and pour the Damson cheese in right up to the brim and sealing immediately. Allow to cool and then wipe outside of jars clean and label up. They should keep in a dark place for up to a year. Once opened store in the fridge and eat within a few weeks.

  7. To serve: Sit the jar in a little hot water for a minute, remove the lid and run a knife down the side and around the edges, turn upside down and turn out onto the cheeseboard. It should slice up - but it is sticky!