Sticky maple and soy glazed salmon

sticky glazed salmon

I made something so simple but so tasty I had to share it with you. I think fish is best cooked without fuss, and this glaze sticks to that rule with just two ingredients – maple syrup and soy sauce. Classic salty and sweet. Teaming it up with oven chips and peas and sweetcorn may […]

Salmon and haddock fishcakes

fish cakes

I’ve never been particularly brave when it comes to cooking fish, so I jumped at the chance to get involved with a campaign by Fish is the Dish, to get more parents cooking fish for their families. Seafish is a pretty admirable organisation – aiming to support and improve the environmental sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness […]

Dinner: Salmon, pea and pepper spaghetti

Speedy supper packed with good stuff

Mmmm lashings of spaghetti bustling with healthy veg, nuggets of smoked salmon in a creamy coating. It’s one of those meals that’s quite likely to please everyone – grown-ups and littlies alike. I was giving the recipe a roadtest from Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less campaign where they offer five recipes for evening meals that […]

Hot smoked salmon and purple sprouting lattice tart


I’m very partial to a puff pastry tart – very quick to put together and results in a tasty and satisfying family supper. This version is inspired by May’s Good Food Magazine. They suggest using poached salmon and broccoli as toppings, but I found some honey roasted hot smoked salmon at Sainsbury’s and there was […]

Pan-fried Salmon with rustic spring onion mash


I’ve well and truly got fresh start new year fever – I cleaned my oven this week! I thought it was unsalvageable it was so grimy from multiple roast dinners, until I unleashed the Oven Pride on it. What a chuffing marvellous product THAT is by the way! Anyway this isn’t an oven-cleaning product review, […]

Tasty pesto crusted salmon


I had an even bigger gaggle of boys to feed today when my friend Tara came over with her two – Rory and Jasper. It’s always an energetic play date when we put our boys together – but it’s a good chance for us fellow mums of boys to compare stories and find solace in […]