Very easy baked cheese and tomato risotto

Cheese and tomato baked risotto

Sometimes cooking from your storecupboards becomes an essential way of getting through a week when time and money are both an issue. I’d not got my act together to do a supermarket shop so I turned to my tins and packets for inspiration. I googled for the least elaborate baked risotto recipe I could lay […]

Storecupboard dinner fix: Roasted tomato and cheddar rice


This comforting dish is similar to a risotto except you’re using less sophisticated ingredients like ordinary long grain rice and cheddar cheese. It’s also less laborious – only needing an occasional stir rather than constant monitoring. It’s a proper store cupboard affair – rice, cheese, stock cube, tomatoes – all very everyday ingredients and pretty […]

Tasty BBQ chicken with corn rice


This week’s suppers are all sourced from October’s Good Food Magazine. I like to go through it for new things to try out on the troops. They don’t always go down brilliantly so it’s a bit of a risk, but I like to test their taste buds with stuff they’ve not necessarily tried before on […]