Lemon and Mint Pesto with Tagliatelle

Lemon and Mint Pesto by Feedingboys.co.uk

  A light and summery pesto of mint and lemon makes a wonderful quick sauce for a speedy pasta supper, or brushed onto fish wrapped up and baked for a hit of flavour. I blitzed up a whole heap of mint leaves with the zest of a lemon, some toasted pine nuts, Italian hard cheese […]

Roasted tomato tart with goats cheese and pesto


Roasted tomatoes are such a pleasure, especially at this time of year when homegrown varieties are plentiful and full of flavour. I halved 10 large tomatoes and put them on an oven tray – scattered them with chopped garlic, some sprigs of thyme and plenty of seasoning, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and […]

Tomato and pesto tart


Open any food magazine and I pretty much guarantee there is a puff pastry tart recipe in there somewhere. I’m guessing it’s a staple with food editors across the land because you can top it with anything that takes your fancy and it tends to look pretty magnificent yet is a cinch to make. Blocks […]

Tasty pesto crusted salmon


I had an even bigger gaggle of boys to feed today when my friend Tara came over with her two – Rory and Jasper. It’s always an energetic play date when we put our boys together – but it’s a good chance for us fellow mums of boys to compare stories and find solace in […]