The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow Cupcakes

Sunshine Cupcakes on by Katie Bryson on Feeding Boys

The sun might be out up here in Whitley Bay, but it’s a good 10 degrees below London temperatures during this so-called Spring heatwave. I venture into my sun soaked garden expecting warmth, but am greeted with a not very subtle nip in the air. I was warned that it’d be chilly up here, and […]

Creme fraiche, lemon and pea linguine with soya meatballs

creme fraiche, lemon and pea linguine with soya meatballs

This is super quick to make, it’s very creamy but using half fat creme fraiche means you don’t have to feel too guilty about it. I used Sainsbury’s fake meatballs from their wonderful frozen meat free range. They’re really moist compared to some i’ve tried and you simply bake them from frozen for 20 minutes […]

Another easy dessert: lemon possets

Lemon posset in ramekin with lemon zest to garnish

I’m all about make-ahead desserts this month, it’s not very on-trend with the usual winter health-kick, but I’ve had a bit of entertaining to do and ramekin-friendly recipes have won the day. Quite similar to the berry fools, but even simpler. Only three ingredients required – double cream, sugar and lemon juice. It’s incredibly rich […]

Leek, chickpea and lemon soup

leek chickpea and lemon soup

My home-made soup campaign continues, this one is particularly fragrant with leeks and lemon zest filling the kitchen with fresh aromas. I made it for my marvellous in-laws who are staying for a few weeks to help me with the boys while Matthew is away for work. They deserve a medal, but soup will have […]

Home-made gift: Rum and raisin marmalade

rum and raisin marmalade

I know it’s a bit old ladyish, but I LOVE marmalade. I love the sweet and sour tang on my toast of a morning. I’m down to my final jar of last year’s Christmas Marmalade, so I thought I’d make a new batch. I need some for gifts, some to donate to be sold at […]

Edible gifts: Lemon chewies with honey

packaged lemon chewies

When you’re dropping in to see people and you’ve got your children in tow, the best thing I can do to make up for the ensuing mayhem is bring edible gifts. Jams and chutneys work well, but a bag of biscuits is an instant winner. For recipe inspiration I reached for a new American cookery […]

Super swift dessert: Lemon curd syllabub

lemon syllabub

I’ve been cooking some of the recipes from the Tesco Real Food Family Cook Off, currently showing on Channel Five which sees home cooks battle it out to make the most mouth watering meals. Having been delighted with the inspirational roasted pepper pasta sauce idea from the show, I thought i’d give one of the desserts […]

Dinner: Salmon, pea and pepper spaghetti

Speedy supper packed with good stuff

Mmmm lashings of spaghetti bustling with healthy veg, nuggets of smoked salmon in a creamy coating. It’s one of those meals that’s quite likely to please everyone – grown-ups and littlies alike. I was giving the recipe a roadtest from Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less campaign where they offer five recipes for evening meals that […]

Quick dinner idea: Creamy pasta with peas and fresh mint


Comforting yet light and summery, this is a classic family fave in our house and oh-so-simple to cook when you have 10 minutes to make dinner. It’s one of those recipes where you’ve probably got most of the ingredients in without thinking. A tub of cream cheese is every cook’s friend. It can be spread […]

Adventures with a slow cooker

Flavour Savour Digital Slow Cooker

Bunging a load of ingredients in a casserole and then leaving it to transform itself into a one-pot wonder, is my kind of cooking. It’s not glamorous but it’s highly practical. There are so many plus points: You can do the preparation hours in advance avoiding that stressful witching hour just before serving up a […]