Asian turkey picnic wraps

Asian turkey picnic wraps

I’ve been challenged to use fresh turkey as an ingredient in a family picnic-friendly recipe that costs under £10 by the Lean on Turkey campaign. Turkey is well suited to a nice soak in a marinade of an evening, it tenderises the meat and infuses flavour. So for my recipe I opted for a Japanese-style […]

Frozen banana pops

Frozen banana pops

If you need a cute party snack idea then these frozen banana pops are fabulous. You would not believe how amazing frozen banana tastes – it has the consistency of ice cream, so if you’re trying to be healthy or want to get more fruit into your kids then these are for you. We made […]

Meatball pasta bake

Meatball pasta bake - photo by Sharron Gibson for UKTV

This pot of loveliness is pork and beef meatballs nestled into pasta in a roasted vegetable sauce with chunks of torn mozzarella and a crispy herb topping. If you’ve got a crowd coming for lunch over the Easter holidays, then this would be the perfect dish to plonk on a board in the middle of the […]

Video: How to make a quick puff pastry tart

Puff pastry tart

I want to build up a selection of videos showing you first-hand how to make some of my favourite family recipes. I started with home-made pizza, and this week it’s time for the trusty puff pastry tart to make an appearance. It really could not be any easier to put together… and here is the […]

Video: how to make pizza

Home made pizza

I’ve been making my own pizza every week since I discovered how easy it is to rustle up a couple of generous pizza bases using a packet of bread mix from the supermarket. I wrote a post about it before Christmas, but I’ve now made a little video to show you just how easy it […]

Winter one pot recipes

Mediterranean vegetable bake - photo by Sharron Gibson

If there’s ever a time for one pot recipes that you can sling in the oven with minimal fuss, then it has to be now. First week back after half term and we’re all trying to adjust back into functioning on a schedule, rather than schlepping around in PJs for the best part of the […]

Cheesy potato quorn pot pies

Cheesy potato quorn pot pie

Sponsored post Quorn is something of a hero product in the Feeding Boys kitchen, especially since the firefighter turned vegetarian nearly two years ago. So I was genuinely delighted when the brand got in touch with me to see if I would develop a recipe using their mince. Comfort food is top of the agenda […]

Lunchbox bake: Carrot and pineapple muffins


I spotted these gorgeous fellas in this month’s Good Food Magazine and immediately thought they’d be perfect for Sam’s lunchbox and also for post-school munchies. They’ve got mashed cooked carrot in, along with pineapple chunks and juice and a healthy scattering of sunflower seeds so you can feel quite virtous eating them despite the fact […]

Courgette and lemon cake with raspberry buttercream

Raspberry frosted courgette cake

A cake that tastes as good as it looks – and I mean it REALLY delivers! We met some friends at the South Bank recently and had an indoor picnic at the Royal Festival Hall. We took our own cake supplies and got the teas in from the cafe. Apparently this is okay – unlike […]

Simple home made pizza

Christmas Tree Pizzas

I put pizza on the table every week for the boys. It’s one of THOSE foods, you know, the cherished ones that they’ll eat no matter what and takes 10 minutes to cook. For too long though, have I been putting up with the crappy supermarket versions because I’m too befuddled to think about faffing […]