Easy Chicken Parmigiana

easy chicken parmigiana by Katie Bryson for Channel 4 Fairy Giving You More

  This spin on Chicken Parmigiana is an easy and delicious baked dish the kids can have fun making with you. Using crushed cornflakes instead of breadcrumbs makes for a crispier crumb and is a great store cupboard hack. The zingy tomato sauce is the perfect match for the crispy chicken, and is also great […]

Chicken, Sweetcorn and Broccoli Pot Pies

Chicken, Sweetcorn and Broccoli Pot Pies for Parentdish.co.uk on Feeding Boys

A great way to use up leftover roast chicken, these ultra tasty pot pies have a creamy filling and crisp criss cross pastry crust. I know it’s not got cold yet, but i’m still in the mood for autumnal comfort eating. So with this in mind i’ve been experimenting in my kitchen, coming up with […]

Lime, Mint and Chilli Chicken Kebabs

Lime, Mint and Chilli Chicken Kebabs

A simple marinade of lime, mint and chilli with a little olive oil and soft brown sugar transforms chunks of chicken thigh into glorious sticky and spicy BBQ treat. I prefer to use the dark meat on chicken as it’s far juicier with bags of tastiness. With all the South American flavours in my little chicken […]

Sticky lime, soy and honey chicken

Sticky chicken

This was a quick meal, thrown on the table in a matter of minutes. The only preparation was done earlier in the day – chopping up the chicken thighs and then lavishing upon them a marinade of dark soy sauce, runny honey and the zest and juice of a lime. Salty and sweet with a […]

Crunchy chicken bites

crunchy chicken bites

As a general rule, the more time and effort I spend on cooking child-friendly food, the less likely my boys are to eat it. It’s pretty depressing at times, but I know a lot of my friends feel the same way. But the exception to this rule is home-made chicken goujons. They’re messy to make, […]

Chicken parmigiana


I haven’t posted a recipe for a proper meal in what seems like ages, so I’m going to pull my socks up this week and hit with you some family friendly fodder. I’ve been inspired by May’s copy of BBC Good Food Magazine which has some real winners in it. I love their Make it […]

Adventures with a slow cooker

Flavour Savour Digital Slow Cooker

Bunging a load of ingredients in a casserole and then leaving it to transform itself into a one-pot wonder, is my kind of cooking. It’s not glamorous but it’s highly practical. There are so many plus points: You can do the preparation hours in advance avoiding that stressful witching hour just before serving up a […]

Book Review: Meals in Heels


I was given Jennifer Joyce’s super-girly cookery book Meals in Heels by my friend Ris as a birthday present. It’s a very glamorous looking publication full of illustrations of impossibly groomed women decked out in vertiginous heels and cocktail dresses as they nonchalantly stir something bubbling on their designer hob. Do these women really exist? […]

An Ottolenghi-inspired New Year’s Eve feast

Buttered prawns with tomato, olives and arak

Family cooking is the basis of this blog, but it’s such a pleasure to break out of the mold every now and again to venture into the world of grown up cuisine. One of my resolutions for 2011 is to throw dinner parties as it’s not something I’ve done a lot of since having the […]

Review: Sweet Spiced Chicken in the Miele Steam Oven

Dinner is served

I’ve had the Miele DG 1450 Steam Oven on trial at home in my kitchen for the past month in a test to see how useful it’d be to a family cook. I’ve used a plug-in Tefal steamer before, plus a basket on top of a pan of boiling water, so I was looking forward […]