Win Sacla’s pesto recipe book

Sacla Big Book of Pesto giveaway

A jar of pesto is a permanent fixture in my fridge. Whether you prefer home made or shop bought, the tasty green sauce can bring something special to run-of-the-mill recipes when you just want that extra taste fix. At home I spread it onto fillets of fish before baking in foil, mix it with creme […]

Book review: First Preserves

First Preserves by Vivien Lloyd

Making jam and marmalade can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. I was lucky enough to have a trained WI judge teach me (thanks Mum!), but this book is the next best thing! First Preserves author Vivien Lloyd has 25 years’ experience of making and demonstrating award-winning preserves. As well as judging competitions, Vivien runs […]

Aldo Zilli’s Fresh and Green

Aldo Zilli's Fresh and Green

I’ve already written about one of the frankly divine recipes from Aldo’s latest book, and since then i’ve had a chance to make another of his creations and have a good read of the rest of the tome. So the next recipe I tried was a truly yum coconut and coriander soup with sweet potato. […]

Book review and chance to win: Aggie’s Family Cookbook

Aggie's family cookbook

I think most people recognise Aggie MacKenzie as the sensible Scottish one from TV Show How Clean Is Your House. I’ve never seen the racy blonde one Kim in the same way again after she got totally slozzled on Celebrity Come Dine With Me a few years back and completely shamed herself – pure TV […]

Book review: Pieminister


As the weather cruelly switches from Indian summer to wind, rain and grey skies, a recipe book full of pies for every possible occasion has definitely got my attention. Pieminister creators Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon fancy themselves as the leaders of a ‘pie revolution’ – reinventing the pie for a new generation. Personally I don’t […]

Book review and chance to win: Grow it, cook it with kids by Amanda Grant


I was warned about the glut of courgettes we’d get at our allotment – but seeing really is believing. The plants are firing out green torpedos at a rate of knots it’s very hard to keep up with. And if you leave them for longer than a day they take on giant marrow proportions… crazy! […]

Book review and chance to win: Everyday and Sunday recipes from Riverford Farm


Our allotment is churning out veg at the moment and it’s gathering pace by the week. The beetroots have been the highlight so far – big fat ruby beauties that we’ve really savoured. We’ve used them for healthy juices mixed with carrot, apple, celery and ginger, but also for the more indulgent brownies. But I […]

Book review and chance to win: Notes From My Kitchen Table by Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow has had a lot of stick for being ‘too perfect’. It seems attractive women shouldn’t be too accomplished, and when they are they seem to get shot down in flames. It seems bringing out a cookery book was one step too far, and there’s been quite a lot of bitchy reviews about it. […]

Book review: Prepped! By Vanessa Kimbell


A while ago I got involved with a spot of recipe testing for Vanessa Kimbell who was working on her first cook book Prepped! and had recruited fellow food bloggers to put her recipes through their paces. I tried out a double cook recipe that started off with duck noodles, and then the leftovers were […]