February 2012

Writing this blog is a lot of fun and hard work, but it doesn’t bring me riches beyond my wildest dreams.  It does however swing me a  few perks – like free food samples, gadgets, days out and the odd bit of cash, so I thought I ought to lay it out nice and clear on this page in case there’s any confusion.

Products featured in reviews or recipes

Brands and PR companies often send me free samples of their products which I will mention if I’m suitably impressed.  Where I have used something that was sent to me for free I will mention this in the blog post. I simply cannot guarantee to write about every sample I am sent and I strive to only include products I feel my readers would have a genuine interest in or use for.

Days out

If I’m invited by brands or PR companies for a complimentary meal, cookery class or other relevant event which I then go on to write a blog post about it, I will make it clear that I was their guest. As a journalist I’m always careful to be objective in my writing.

What are sponsored posts?

“Sponsored” and “featured” posts would be those where payment or product of greater value than £50 has been received to guarantee publication of specific material i.e. text and images already created by the brand, to be included as content.

Such posts will be clearly labelled “This is a sponsored/featured post” or “Giveaway sponsored by”. I do not sell follow links – all paid-for posts contain no-follow links.

Where do my recipes come from?

I use a mixture of my own inventions plus recipes from magazines, websites and books. I always credit the original recipe unless I’ve significantly adapted it myself and will have re-written the method in my own words.

Where I am using a recipe previously published in a book I will say so and link to where you can buy it. If the book is a review copy sent by a publishing house, I will also point this out. On those occasions where I directly reproduce someone else’s recipe, I will get their permission to do so.

If I am using or adapting a recipe found online, I will post a link to the appropriate website.

I don’t pass other people’s recipes off as my own, and hope people give my recipes the same respect.

Last updated February 2012