Beautiful Easter Bakes

Simnel Cookies, recipe by Katie Bryson, photo by Sharron Gibson for UKTV

When I write recipes for The Good Food Channel, they often set me a bit of a challenge to see what I can come up with. This time the task was to develop some Simnel Cookies. But what would you expect Simnel Cookies to look and taste like? Would you expect them to look like […]

Mother’s day treats

Lemon Shortbread with Earl Grey Icing: recipe Katie Bryson, photo Sharron Gibson for the Good Food Channel

If you’re looking for recipe inspiration with Mother’s Day approaching, I’ve got some treats ideal for making for your mum, or perhaps for printing out and casually leaving for your partner to find! These beauties are a mixture of my own recipes, with one from Lucy Lovell and Thane Prince too. I was assigned with […]

Coconut and lime drizzle cake

Coconut and lime drizzle cake on

It’s been a busy week of cooking for photoshoots, recipe creation and food styling. My kitchen has been harbouring obscene quantities of cakes, biscuits and desserts – I’d have done a roaring trade if I’d set up a stall at the front of the house. Needless to say the neighbours have been eating well this […]

Mini gypsy tarts

Mini gypsy tarts by

This is based on a recipe I nabbed from my mum after she baked a big version for us over the Christmas holidays. Mum calls it Gypsy Tart, and from a spot of web research, it turns out it’s a traditional recipe from Kent where back in the mists of time a lady with not […]

Valentine edible gift ideas

Valentine recipes by Katie Bryson for

Forced romance is not my cup of tea, but Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to herd the kids into the kitchen for a bit of themed cooking! I’ve developed a few recipes with this in mind for and thought they might inspire you. These are mega mega easy but oh-so-pretty. All you need […]

Pizza Birthday Cake

Pizza birthday cake on

I’m sure i’m not alone in the birthday cake dread. What will your child request this year? We’ve had tractors, zombies, Star Wars, monster trucks… you name it! When you write about food for a living there’s a certain expectation that you’ll deliver something amazing. No pressure. No not at all. It doesn’t help that […]

Mini filo mince pies

Easy filo mince pies by Katie Bryson for the Good Food Channel website

Making your own mince pies doesn’t have to be a marathon effort. If you’re not fond of making your own pastry then reach for the ready-made stuff I say! These mini mince pies I did for the Good Food Channel website are made with crisp filo pastry and filled with mincemeat stirred up with a […]

Christmas cake inspiration

Good Food Christmas, Candy Cane Cupcakes, recipe and styling by Katie Bryson, photo by Sharron Gibson

When I say Christmas cakes, I don’t mean the heavily iced and marzipan wrapped stodgy fruit cake, oh no, we’re talking festive flavours in beautiful bakes that’ll impress anyone who happens to be popping over to your place during the festive season. Most of the following recipes are from talented local baker and good friend […]

Easy brioche recipe

How to make easy brioche rolls on

Brioche to me is one of those luxuries best saved for when you’re in France on holiday and want a freshly baked breakfast treat, or less romantically, the little sweet individually packed rolls that are perfect car fodder for the kids to keep them quiet on long journeys. Have I ever made my own? I […]

Bonfire night sticky ginger cake

Sticky ginger cake

If you need a bonfire night bake to pack up and take out to your local display, then you need to try Parkin! This spicy bake is typically eaten in Yorkshire and Lancashire, with both counties claiming ownership, but i’m not confident to come down on either side… It’s sticky with golden syrup and treacle, yet […]