How to make Apple Butter

How to make Apple Butter by Katie Bryson on

What is Apple Butter? Well there’s no actual butter in it, but the name-tag refers to the texture of this gently spiced smooth and spreadable apple preserve. I first came across it because my mum, Women’s Institute preserving guru, has always made it. A jar would appear on the table to enjoy with sausages or […]

Seville orange marmalade with cointreau

Seville orange marmalade with cointreau from

Seville oranges are in season, and if you want to celebrate them with a bit of marmalade creation you’ll need to get on with it as they’ll disappear from the shops by the end of February. If you’ve not got time to make it now, you could always pop a bag of them in the […]

Bramble jelly

Bramble jelly on

Our good friends have just moved to a new place with a truly magical garden, filled with apple trees and blackberry bushes. The children had a smashing Enid Blytonesque time running around the garden, climbing trees, duelling with sticks and picking the fruit that went into this beautiful clear jam. Bramble jelly is one of my […]

Home made gift: Spiced Apple and Quince Jelly

Spiced Apple and Quince Jelly

Sponsored Post To keep spiralling Christmas costs down I decided to make home made gifts for the boys’ teachers this year. A couple of prettily packaged jars of preserves are usually warmly received – especially if they go well with the cheese and cold meats that we scoff our way through over the holidays. I […]

Turkey and bacon subs with chunky sweetcorn relish

Turkey and bacon sub with sweetcorn relish

This is a sponsored post It’s time for another recipe for the Lean on Turkey campaign, and the latest challenge was to create a family friendly summer meal to feed 4 for a budget of £10. Having had the American wing of our family to stay, I used the stateside combo of turkey and bacon as […]

Strawberry and mint jam


I got a rather large delivery of Sweet Eve strawberries recently – a new variety that’s been developed by a British farmer who wanted a fruit with a sweeter, fuller flavour. The first thing that struck me was how flawless they looked – scarlet red with taut glossy skin. The aroma is super sweet and […]

Vivien Lloyd’s blackcurrant and chilli jam

Blackcurrant and chilli jam

Making jams, marmalades, jellies and chutneys has become something of a passion of mine since my mum showed me how to do it two years ago. I’m lucky that my teacher is a former WI preserves judge, but i’d say the next best thing if you’re looking to get jamming is fellow WI trained judge […]

Seville Orange Marmalade

Sun-lit jars of seville orange marmalade

I’d never really understood the fuss about Seville Oranges… why would they taste any different from the marmalade i’d made before? Well i’d clearly been missing the point. My fab mum kept a bagful of Sevilles aside  in her freezer for me to take back with me after half term. And so when Vivien Lloyd […]

Home-made gift: Rum and raisin marmalade

rum and raisin marmalade

I know it’s a bit old ladyish, but I LOVE marmalade. I love the sweet and sour tang on my toast of a morning. I’m down to my final jar of last year’s Christmas Marmalade, so I thought I’d make a new batch. I need some for gifts, some to donate to be sold at […]

Home made gift idea: Chilli Jam

chilli jam

My dad’s had a bumper crop of chillies this year, so I offered to take a few off his hands so I could make some chilli jam. I’ve never tried making it before, but love love love eating it! I’ve previously bought the Tracklements version which is delicious spread in cheese sandwiches, or as a […]