Sweet Potato, Chickpea, Lime and Coriander Burgers with Crunchy Slaw

sweet potato, chickpea, coriander and lime burgers with crunchy slaw by Katie Bryson for Channel 4

Sweet potato flesh is brilliant for making veggie burger patties, and this spin is bulked up with chickpeas then hit with chilli, garlic, coriander and lime to turn up the flavour. The crispy polenta crumb holds things in place and you just lightly pan fry to golden perfection. These are NOT burgers you want to […]

Jerk Spiced Chicken Thighs With Cornbread

Jerk Spiced Chicken Thighs With Cornbread by Katie Bryson for Channel 4

These budget-friendly spiced and juicy chicken thighs will help turn up the heat if you’re feeling a bit chilly while braving British BBQ season. The jalapeño corn bread is a ridiculously faff-free side that makes a tasty change from the usual array of bread hastily grabbed from the supermarket when the sun has made an appearance. We’ve not […]

Minted Lamb and Red Onion Skewers

Minted Lamb Skewers with Pea and Feta Dip

Serve up these tender Lamb and Red Onion Skewers with a Pea, Mint, Feta and Yogurt Dip for a barbecue feast with family and friends We’ve not lit our barbecue yet this year, in fact I put my thick duvet-like winter coat back on yesterday as the rain and wind threw itself at me as […]

The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow Cupcakes

Sunshine Cupcakes on by Katie Bryson on Feeding Boys

The sun might be out up here in Whitley Bay, but it’s a good 10 degrees below London temperatures during this so-called Spring heatwave. I venture into my sun soaked garden expecting warmth, but am greeted with a not very subtle nip in the air. I was warned that it’d be chilly up here, and […]

Organic Menu for 8

Festive Glazed Ham by Katie Bryson on feedingboys.co.uk

When you’re at the supermarket, what would move you to spend that little bit more and opt for organic? It’s generally a bit more expensive, and in this cash strapped climate when we’re beating a path to Lidl and Aldi to get more in our trolleys for less, I wonder how high on the agenda […]

Mulled Wine in the REDMOND multicooker

Mulled Wine in the REDMOND multi cooker on feedingboys.co.uk

It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you’ve had your first glass of mulled wine. Those intoxicating wafts of cosy festive spices as you squeeze your way into a bustling Christmas party are the perfect welcome for chilly guests. Or perhaps as a rescue remedy after a visit to the School Christmas Fair which can very quickly turn […]

Top 10 junk free Halloween recipes

Halloween Kebabs with Monster Blood by Katie Bryson for Parentdish.co.uk

Sugar, artificial colours and flavourings… that’s the nutritional horror story at Halloween right? It’s enough to make your teeth fall out. Over 81% of UK mums feel pressured to buy their kids unhealthy sweets at this time of year, according to an Organix No Junk Challenge Survey, and 46% don’t even dare look at the […]

Pumpkin, Ginger and Orange Traybake

Halloween Pumpkin, Ginger and Orange Traybake by Katie Bryson for Parentdish.co.uk

An easy seasonal bake full of warmth and flavour, topped with fluffy citrus cream cheese frosting it’s hard to stop at one slice. You can use the flesh of pumpkin or butternut squash, with the overall texture being very similar to carrot cake. I put this treat together for a local coffee morning my friend was […]

Goats Cheese Toasts with Roast Hazelnuts and Chilli Honey

Quick party canapé: Goats Cheese Toasts with Hazelnuts and Chilli Honey on feedingboys.co.uk

The perfect party canapé, these tasty little goats cheese toasts are topped with roasted hazelnuts and drizzled with lashings of chilli honey. I made them for a friend’s leaving party and they went down well with the crowd and were especially great with a chilled glass of wine. They really are quick to put together, and […]

Quick and easy summer desserts

Strawberry Oat Bars by Katie Bryson

If you’re hankering after some summer dessert ideas to take to a party or along to a picnic, then i’ve got a couple of easy recipes for you in association with Flora. Let’s kick off with these easy peasy Mini Raspberry Cheesecake Pots, with a divine crunchy hob nob biscuit base topped with home-made fresh […]