Red Pesto Crusted Salmon With Warm Salad

Red pesto crusted salmon with warm salad on

Perk up some salmon fillets with a delicious crust of home-made red pepper pesto. Serve with a robust winter salad of mixed leaves, French beans, roasted sweet potato and red onion scattered with butter beans and tossed in a light lemon, honey and mustard dressing. The pesto is whizzed up in seconds in the blender using […]

Prawn and Courgette Curry

Prawn and Courgette Curry for #stepintosummer for Weight Watchers UK (photo: Katie Bryson)

Losing weight for the summer is important to me this year as I turn 40 in July and it feels like a big milestone. I want to start my fourth decade feeling healthy and in good shape – I want to be around for the boys for another 40 years if I can! So I’ve […]

Zesty salmon goujons

Zesty salmon goujons by Katie Bryson for

Making your own fishfingers might sound like an ordeal, but it’s a little bit of mess and about 10 minutes of your time. For this slight inconvenience you’ll be rewarded with luxurious chunky goujons instead of the skinny minnie versions that come out of a packet when you’re knackered on a Thursday evening. I’m a […]

Prawn cocktail with lime and chilli

Prawn cocktail with lime and chilli by Katie Bryson for the Good Food Channel, photo by Sharron Gibson

If you’re looking for a simple starter for Christmas Day, try my take on the classic prawn cocktail for a brilliant dish you can get ready in advance. For me, prawn cocktail conjures memories of tiny shrimps swimming in a gloopy pink sludge seeping into a clump of limp iceberg lettuce – bleugh. My version is […]

Winter one pot recipes

Mediterranean vegetable bake - photo by Sharron Gibson

If there’s ever a time for one pot recipes that you can sling in the oven with minimal fuss, then it has to be now. First week back after half term and we’re all trying to adjust back into functioning on a schedule, rather than schlepping around in PJs for the best part of the […]

Spinach risotto with haddock

spinach risotto with haddock

I’m currently trialling a new service called Foodybag. A small London-based company aiming to make busy people’s lives easier by delivering a big bag of food every week to your door, complete with recipes to help you make five weeknight meals without having to think about menu planning or food shopping. I was so impressed […]

Sticky maple and soy glazed salmon

sticky glazed salmon

I made something so simple but so tasty I had to share it with you. I think fish is best cooked without fuss, and this glaze sticks to that rule with just two ingredients – maple syrup and soy sauce. Classic salty and sweet. Teaming it up with oven chips and peas and sweetcorn may […]

Salmon and haddock fishcakes

fish cakes

I’ve never been particularly brave when it comes to cooking fish, so I jumped at the chance to get involved with a campaign by Fish is the Dish, to get more parents cooking fish for their families. Seafish is a pretty admirable organisation – aiming to support and improve the environmental sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness […]

Dinner: Salmon, pea and pepper spaghetti

Speedy supper packed with good stuff

Mmmm lashings of spaghetti bustling with healthy veg, nuggets of smoked salmon in a creamy coating. It’s one of those meals that’s quite likely to please everyone – grown-ups and littlies alike. I was giving the recipe a roadtest from Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less campaign where they offer five recipes for evening meals that […]

Hot smoked salmon and purple sprouting lattice tart


I’m very partial to a puff pastry tart – very quick to put together and results in a tasty and satisfying family supper. This version is inspired by May’s Good Food Magazine. They suggest using poached salmon and broccoli as toppings, but I found some honey roasted hot smoked salmon at Sainsbury’s and there was […]