Crispy Tortilla Breakfast Bites

Crispy Tortilla Breakfast Bites by Katie Bryson on

These Crispy Tortilla Breakfast Bites make for a delicious family-friendly breakfast that’ll give you and the kids plenty of energy to tackle the day ahead. This recipe ticks the box of being a bit different to the usual cereal and toast combo that my boys generally roll their eyes at. Being a food blogger can […]

Banoffee Pancakes

Banoffee Pancakes by Katie Bryson for Channel 4/Fairy Giving You More

On Pancake Day you need to arm yourself with a good basic pancake recipe, a decent non-stick frying pan and a whole lot of toppings. We eat pancakes pretty regularly in the Feeding Boys house, they’re the undisputed champion of our  weekend breakfasts. The only thing to decide is whether to opt for thick and […]

Sausage, Roasted Pepper and Pea Frittata

Sausage, Roasted Pepper and Pea Frittata on

An easy one pan meal of sausages, potatoes, peas and roasted peppers nestled in a fluffy cheesy egg duvet. Is it a frittata, or a Spanish Omelette? Whatever it is, it’s an instant family favourite in the Feeding Boys house! The recipe is really versatile and great for kids. It’s prefect for a relaxed weekend […]

Banana, Nectarine and Cinnamon Muffins

Banana, Nectarine and Cinnamon Muffins on

An easy weekend bake that uses up fruit that’s past its best, these soft banana and nectarine muffins with a cinnamon sugar crust are great with coffee or as a sweet treat for children’s lunch boxes. Fruit that’s over ripe and squishy is perfect for baking as it lends a delicious damp quality to the […]

Tropical Fruit Fool

Tropical Fruit Fool - photo by Katie Bryson on

Here we go with the third week of the Weight Watchers #stepintosummer challenge, and after two weeks of following the plan (with a couple of days not being very strict) i’ve lost another pound – that’s six pounds altogether. I’m happy to have lost anything at all this last week as I had an indulgent […]

Bacon and Egg Puff Tarts

Bacon and Egg Puff Tart on

Where would we be without the great British staple of bacon and eggs? If we’ve ever feeling low in this house, that’s our go-to fill the frying pan meal! Me and the boys go streaky, Matthew has his weird veggie bacon, but we’re all happy I’ve taken the classic and i’ve made it into puff […]

Toffee apple pancakes

Toffee Apple Pancakes on Feeding Boys

It’s Shrove Tuesday this week, so I thought it was only right to come up with a tasty pancake filling idea for you to try. I’ve kept it super simple so there’s limited faffing about – cooking pancakes is a labour of love enough without lots of fancy fillings to prepare. I’ve used dark brown […]

Easy brioche recipe

How to make easy brioche rolls on

Brioche to me is one of those luxuries best saved for when you’re in France on holiday and want a freshly baked breakfast treat, or less romantically, the little sweet individually packed rolls that are perfect car fodder for the kids to keep them quiet on long journeys. Have I ever made my own? I […]

Cherry berry breakfast shake

Cherry and strawberry breakfast shake

We’ve found a secret cherry tree in the network of alleyways behind our house. It’s quite a tropical sight heavy with clumps of red fruit tempting the local parakeets in for a juicy snack. When the heat of the day had waned a little, Matthew took the boys, a step ladder and a carrier bag […]

Eggy bread stars with berry sorbet

Eggy bread stars and berry sorbet

You might not think of whipping up a sorbet first thing in the morning, but let me tell you if you’ve got a powerful blender and it’s the weekend – why not! It only takes a few minutes and tastes all zingy and gorgeous. This is where the Vitamix really comes into its own – […]