Cheese and apple quesadillas

Cheese and apple quesadillas by Katie Bryson for

After school snacks are essential in my house, if calories don’t get injected into my boys as soon as they’re out of the playground we get meltdownage, and I mean BIG TIME MELTDOWNAGE ON A THERMO NUCLEAR SCALE.

Arlo is still adjusting to his first year of school, and being a summer baby the tiredness kicks in for him after lunch break. I’m sure he spends the entire break steaming around the playground at full throttle, then just crashes and burns in the afternoon. By the time he’s posted back out of the classroom door to me at 3:30 he’s on a knife edge. One wrong word and it’s game over and the five minute walk home can take half an hour.

As tempting as it is to just open a packet of biscuits, I try and be mindful to give them something that’s vaguely nutritious. They’re not huge on fruit but they both love apples. Cubes of cheese and apple in a bowl with a little corn on the cob fork is a total winner, but this recipe takes it a step on with a Latin American twist – the quesadilla!

I’ve written about quick quesadillas before as a speedy lunch idea, but this version is ideal for those times when you need  to give the kids a substantial snack as dinner might be a long way off.

You can eat them freshly cooked (once cooled a little) or chill them and put them in lunchboxes.

They’re super easy, so head off to Parentdish for the recipe

What after school snacks do you rustle up for your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas…

Cheese and apple quesadillas by Katie Bryson for


  1. What a fabulous after school snack, Ted would love this!

  2. A perfect after-school snack. Love the term Meltdownage. Gorgeous photos, too. xx

  3. I totally am with you on the after school crash and always have to take tons of snacks with me and all 3 kids still eat dinner afterwards. They do love apples but are fussy about cheese so I may try to add just a small amount of mild cheddar & lots of apple when I make these. Such a good idea!

  4. I’d never thought of adding apple to a quesadilla before. It reminds me of when I was young and my mum used to give me apple and cheese as a snack!

  5. I love the cheese and apple combo. I think I would add some jalapenos for the adult version. Brilliant idea. Quick and easy. Perfect for our gymnastics saturdays!

  6. It is not just children that have meltdowns. I get just like Arlo when I am hungry, and do not leave the house without a Nak’d bar in my bag. As soon as I eat I feel better and realise that I have just thrown a tantrum. Ed can spot the signs and feeds me as soon as he notices.

  7. wonderful idea. Not tried quesadillas on my kids yet but will try out. Love your photos here .Super pretty!