Prawn cocktail with lime and chilli

Prawn cocktail with lime and chilli by Katie Bryson for the Good Food Channel, photo by Sharron Gibson

photo by Sharron Gibson

If you’re looking for a simple starter for Christmas Day, try my take on the classic prawn cocktail for a brilliant dish you can get ready in advance.

For me, prawn cocktail conjures memories of tiny shrimps swimming in a gloopy pink sludge seeping into a clump of limp iceberg lettuce – bleugh. My version is a nod to my love of South East Asian food with a refined lime, chilli and coriander marinade for the prawns, sitting on peppery green watercress dressed with a refreshing lime mayo.

It’s a really light little appetiser that will get your mouth warmed up for the main event, but not take up too much valuable roast dinner space.

There’s no faff involved with making it. Marinate the prawns overnight, whip up the lime mayo in advance and simply just assemble in pretty glasses just before serving to your guests. Winner!

Get the recipe here on The Good Food Channel Website>>>

What starter do you usually have on Christmas Day? Is it the same every year? As children we always used to have melon boats, and the grown ups smoked salmon. What will you be having this year?



  1. Looks gorgeous…bet it tastes great too. Love your twist on the classic. Happy Christmas xx

  2. Love your twist on the classic Katie and always like to eats lots of prawns & salmon at this time of the year. Happy Christmas to you and your family!