Fun Halloween recipes

Halloween photoshoot for the Good Food Channel website

Photo by Sharron Gibson

Here are series of fun Halloween recipe ideas I developed for the Good Food Channel website which are perfect for parties, beautifully photographed by Sharron Gibson of The Image Garden.

I’ve kept things very simple to make, so they’re ideal for cooking with kids. I’ve also tried to inject lots of flavour into the recipes as that can often get neglected when focussing on how something looks.

If you need to stash ideas for half term baking then this little lot will keep you busy. Let me know how you get on if you give any of them a try – comments always welcomed!

Spider cupcakes

Mini oreos for bodies and shiny liquorice gives the legs a creepy crawly quality. But don’t be too creeped out, the spiders are sitting on a layer of orange infused buttercream and sponge so make for a tasty treat.

Spider Cupcakes

Photo by Sharron Gibson

Get the recipe here>>>

Halloween chocolate peppermint squares

I gave the good old millionaire’s shortbread a halloween makeover with a zombie green peppermint layer and some white chocolate cobwebs on the top. The team did not hesitate to pounce on these chocolatey squares as soon as they’d been photographed. Highly addictive…

Cobweb peppermint squares

Photo by Sharron Gibson

Get the recipe here>>>

Zombie guts jelly pots

These look fairly disgusting but taste great and are a brilliant way to inject some fruit into your little monsters. If you can’t find pomegranate, passion fruit looks equally foul.

Zombie guts in jelly pots

Photo by Sharron Gibson

Get the recipe here>>>

Spooky strawberries

Strawberries dipped in chocolate go from being romantic to ghostly when they’re adorned with vacant eyes and gormless mouths. They still taste divine though! Sharron got a little carried away with staging the execution of one of the spooky strawberries…

Zombie strawberries

Photo by Sharron Gibson

Get the recipe here>>>

Spider cookies

The ideal half term baking project with plenty of jobs to delegate to little people. From making cookie dough, rolling it out and stamping out circles. To mixing and colouring the icing. And finally letting them loose with the decorations.

Spider cookies

Photograph by Sharron Gibson

Get the recipe here>>>

Thanks to Sharron at The Image Garden for providing the photographs from the shoot and to Anna at The Good Food Channel for another fun few days


  1. Some great ideas there Katie. Love the jelly.

  2. Oooh, the peppermint squares are my favourite, they look fab!

  3. Brilliant recipes, photos are stunning! Just what is needed with Halloween around the corner, easy recipes that parents can whip up quickly and kids will eagerly devour. :)

  4. I loooove those spooky strawberries. So easy but I bet the children chomp them up. We did a toad in the hole graveyard last year with RIP biscuit graves and green mash!

  5. I love these Katie, especially the spooky Millionaires Shortbread. Inspired!

  6. What a cool collection of recipes! I always think Halloween treats are hard to come up with…they need to be fun and a bit scary but not look so scary you don’t want to eat them :) Yours are spot on. I’d munch the lot xx

  7. Devilishly delicious! Love them all – we’ll be trying the strawberries and the orange infused spider cupcakes – they all look very cool!

  8. What a wonderful collection of recipes. I love them all!

  9. These are all lovely ideas and fun for making with the kids! Perfect for treats for Halloween!