Iced coffee with banana and vanilla

Iced coffee
It was a steamy hot day in London, the type where you only want to wear a dress and waft about the place. I have to have my daily fix of caffeine to get the day’s proceedings moving, so I headed to the Vitamix to whizz up a cooling version of my daily drink.

It’s not too sweet, has got fruit in it, but also caffeine and energy from the banana so is the perfect start to your day as well as being an antidote to the oppressive weather we’re having.

It’s a very simple affair…

Vitamix recipe: Iced coffee with banana and vanilla
(Serves 2)

a fistful of ice cubes,
half a pint of milk,
a banana,
a shot of espresso
and a dash of vanilla extract

Put all the ingredients in the blender jug and gradually turn up the dial to full blast until you’re left with a frothy, chilled jug of loveliness. The end.

Making iced coffee in the Vitamix

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Thanks to Vitamix for providing me with a blender,  for which I am providing recipes to demonstrate its performance


  1. This sounds absolutely delicious ! Thank you for sharing another great recipe.
    Vitamix are absolutely amazing. Soup to ice-cream in an instant. This smoothie is a fab idea

  2. I am addicted to iced coffee whenever I can get it, but I have not made it myself (perhaps I would if I had a Vitamix!! Lol!) Love the idea of adding banana to it…thats just pure genius! I hope to making myself one of these in the near future if all goes to plan! xx