Review: Get the Easter look

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been doing a lot of Easter baking in my freelance work, so I thought I’d do a round-up of some of the products I’ve used. If you’re planning on entertaining the children with some baking this holiday, then here’s where you can track down some great seasonal goodies…

 From Lakeland

Easter products from Lakeland

  • Cookie cutters £4.99  – a lovely selection of Easter shapes in a cute size and they have great defined edges so there’s no mistaking what your biscuit is in the shape of. They’re also in lush pastel colours so you could tie them to the side of a jar of cookies and give as a gift.
  • Peonies and Roses cupcake cases £3.49 for 60  – I love the mixture of Spring floral, cheeky polka dots and fresh green and white gingham – it’s an instant pick-me-up for even the simplest of vanilla cupcakes with cream frosting and a smattering of chocolate eggs.
  • Edible bunny wafers £2.99 – really sweet little sprinkles to perk up your cakes

From Waitrose

Waitrose cake decorating for Easter

  • Jelly diamonds £1.50 for 70g – really hard to get hold of these retro cake decorations at the moment for some reason, but Waitrose came up trumps. I picked out the orange ones to make beaks for my fluffy Easter chick cupcakes.
  • Chocolate eggs 60p for 100g – I do love the pastel colour Cadbury’s, but these speckled ones from Waitrose are a fraction of the cost and look really realistic. Perfect for nestling into Easter nests, topping cupcakes or filling pretty jars to give as gifts.


American Baker's angel flake coconut

  • Moist shredded coconut £2.95 for 198g – I discovered the joy of moist shredded coconut recently for decorating cakes. It’s traditionally an American ingredient so not very easy to get hold of, however Amazon came up trumps for me. I’ve noticed it’s not been available on Amazon for the last month so i’ve found it on I toasted the strands of coconut to decorate the Easter nest cupcakes, and dyed them yellow to make the feathers of my fluffy chick cupcakes. It’s very tasty stuff and goes a treat on cereal or yoghurt if you have any left over afterwards.

From Tiger

Seasonal stuff from Tiger

I don’t know if you’re lucky to have one of these shops on your high street, but they’re like a classy Danish version of a cross between Ikea and a pound shop. It’s full of trinkets, toys and stylish seasonal goods and I could spend hours in the place. Every time I get a recipe assignment i’m in there like a shot collecting bits and pieces to bling up the pictures.  They have tonnes of Easter themed stuff in there.

From Dr Oetker

Dr Oetker cake sprinkles

  • Sprinkles – I adore their toppers which I used for my chocolate marshmallow pops. You need a pop of bright colour and their polka dots (99p) really delivered. I also love their wafer daisies (£1.49) for prettying up cakes and giving them a lovely feeling of Spring. They’re widely available in supermarkets

A big thanks to both Lakeland and Dr Oetker for sending me samples for my Easter projects, the rest of the products I bought myself.


  1. The shredded coconut sounds wonderful. Desiccated is so dry. This is definitely better. We have been getting in the mood for Easter too. My wee Cooper made his own Easter Eggs. The Lakeland melting pots are rather fabulous and a much easier way for kids to handle melted chocolate. Don’t you just love Lakeland?

    • Lakeland is just the BEST! Sam is a bit nifty with that red melting pot… LOVE your post about Cooper making his own eggs, I think i’ll definitely be getting the boys doing that over Easter weekend as Matthew is working and i’m sure it’ll still be freezing cold outside!!!

  2. I love Lakeland too, we have a big store not too far away and I love it. The bunny wafers sprinkles are my fave.