Easter recipes for Parentdish

Easter egg biscuits for Parentdish

Splash out with a festival of baking and indulgence over the Easter holidays with these recipes i’ve created for Parentdish. It’s good to have some kitchen projects in the bank ready for kids to help out with on days where you don’t have any plans, so bookmark this page when you’re making your Easter to-do list.

These Easter Egg biscuits are made from a super simple chocolate cookie dough that you can always make in advance and keep in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to bake and decorate with the kids.

I used to get put off making shaped cookies as I never factored in having to chill the dough, so making it ahead of when you need it is well worth the effort. >>>Get the recipe here

Easter nest cupcakes

Everyone loves Easter nests, but why not try making Easter nest cupcakes for a more refined tea time treat? I used moist shredded coconut and toasted it in the oven to give it that birds nest look. It’s an American ingredient which you can track down on Amazon or in specialist online baking shops. It’s well worth getting hold of as it’s not only brilliant for cake decorating, but also delicious scattered over yoghurt or mixed in with cereal or granola. >>>>Get the recipe here

Cupcakes in jars

Edible treats in jars are enjoying a bit of a moment, there’s even a shop in New York City that sells nothing but cupcakes in glass containers, which inspired me to have a go at my own version. Great for giving as a gift or even for serving up as a pretty dessert. Be warned, these are super sweet and you may struggle to get through an entire jar on your own – is that a challenge?! The smaller the jar the better really! >>>>Get the recipe here

Cinnamon breakfast rolls

And finally, if you’re into the idea of an indulgent Easter weekend breakfast, you could always rustle up some of these divine cinnamon rolls drizzled with cream cheese lemon icing. There’s no yeast involved in the recipe so no faffing about waiting for things to rise. Just put them in the middle of the table while they’re still warm, rip off a roll and sink your teeth into it. Great with a nice cup of coffee. >>>Get the recipe here

Have I made you hungry – hope so!