Proper hot chocolate

Arlo drinking hot chocolate

You really can’t beat putting your numb hands around a warm mug of hot chocolate when you’ve come in from running the boys around the park in the biting wind. This version uses real chocolate so it is a bit extravagant – but as we’ve all been feeling run-down and in need of comfort we feel fully justified.

A jug of freshly made hot chocolateI have very fond memories of melting a big bar of Galaxy into hot milk on the stove on our first family camping trip when Sam was a toddler. This time I used Sainsbury’s Belgian Dark Cooking Chocolate which gives a gorgeously rich flavour and velvety finish. However the intensity of this chocolate sent the boys ABSOLUTELY BATS, so next time I’ll leave that for the grown ups and use milk chocolate for the kids!

The only other time i’ve seen them go that crazy was after they had a mini bar of Hershey’s – they were practically speaking in tongues… it was traumatic.

Anyway I’ve added a few flavour ideas below, so you can experiment to find your favourite version.

Proper hot chocolate
500 ml milk
100g chocolate, chopped

1. Pour the milk into a pan and heat gently until it’s scalding hot – just before boiling point. Remove from the heat, drop the chocolate in and then whisk until melted and you’re left with a frothy topped mixture. Pour into mugs and serve.

Why not try:

White chocolate with a dash of vanilla extract
Add the zest of an orange
A slosh of rum, vodka or Baileys for the grown ups
A good pinch of cinnamon
Whipped cream and marshmallows

How do YOU customise your hot chocolates? Do your kids go crazybonkers on chocolate?!

chopped chocolate


  1. Proper hot chocolate is the best. I love it with really dark chocolate and some cinnamon.

  2. We love it wIth crushed Oreo cookies whizzed up alongside the good quality chocolate!