Mushroom and halloumi burgers

Mushroom and halloumi burger

Veggie burger delight - tasty mushroom and halloumi

Burgers used to be the firefighter’s absolute favourite food. Even if we were at a really swishy restaurant he would still order a big fat burger. But with the horse meat scandal in full swing I’ve never felt more glad that we don’t eat much meat in our house anymore.

Matthew turned vegetarian nearly two years ago, and since then the whole family eats a lot less animal.  I’d rather not be cooking two different meals so when Matthew is around it tends to be a veggie meal for everyone.

We have permanently swapped mince, hotdogs and meatballs for the Quorn alternatives. The only exceptions for the boys and I are pork products – ham, bacon and sausages are just too good.

I also like to try and get fish into their diet, and my home made fish fingers are hard to beat. We save meat for when matthew is not around and roll out a roast on special occasions, but we try to buy the highest welfare that our budget allows.

So for Matthew’s birthday supper I wanted to make him veggie burgers. I stumbled across these packets of halloumi burger slices in Waitrose and a plan started to hatch…

Halloumi burger slices

The recipe cogs started whirring and I  recalled Matthew’s favourite veggie burger at our local pub. So I set about recreating it for him with great success. Meaty mushrooms flavoured with garlic butter, sunblush tomatoes and topped with that salty squeaky delight that is halloumi. So if you’re looking for a meat free burger here you go. Tuck in with the peace of mind that there’s absolutely no horse meat in this…

Mushroom and halloumi burgers
Makes 2

2 large portobello mushrooms
Garlic and Herb butter – lurpack make a good one or you can easily make your own
Sunblush tomatoes
2 halloumi burger slices
Lettuce, shredded
Warm giant baps (snigger)

1. Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 4. Trim the stalks of the mushrooms and wipe clean with damp kitchen paper. Pop them both into a small baking dish then put a good blob of garlic/herb butter in the centre, along with a couple of bits of sunblush tomato. Bake in the oven for around 20 minutes until the mushroom is tender and the butter has melted into it.

2. Heat a frying or griddle pan then fry the halloumi slices for a few minutes each side until they start to colour up.

3. Warm up your baps, slice in half then spread with a bit of mayo, a handful of shredded lettuce, put the mushroom on top then finish with the halloumi. Serve immediately with a lovely cold beer.

Tip: brioche buns are the perfect vehicle for a burger. Find a recipe over at one of my fave blogs of the moment The Reluctant Housedad – the man is a veritable recipe machine!

Of course you can make your own halloumi if you’re in the mood – it’s really pretty simple!




  1. I love Halloumi :) must try these slices.

  2. I’ve made ‘burgers’ with portobello mushrooms a few times now and am a huge fan, Rich and Izzy aren’t though! I must try them with halloumi, I’ve used goats cheese before now and that was tasty but the thought of halloumi really appeals. They look fab!

  3. I love a halloumi & mushrroom burger. My friends & I meet in a pub where they serve these with chilli jam, they are so good! What a great idea to have halloumi slices the right size for a burger, I will be looking out for these.

  4. Wow, these sound brilliant and I can see me using the Halloumi slices loads as well as enjoying them on the BBQ this summer. I love a good burger and am happy with both meat and veggie versions. Yours must have gone down a storm as a birthday meal.I don’t think my husband would ever become veggie, and like you, I would miss my pork too much. But, I like to limit my meat intake and the kids love mushrooms so look forward to trying these out :))


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