Christmas reindeer marshmallow pops

Christmas reindeer marshmallow pops

If you make one fun thing this Christmas, please let it be these reindeer marshmallow pops! They might look like they’d be hard to make, but they’re SO not! I once had a go at making cake pops, and I stress the word once there. Never. Again.

So instead i’ve used marshmallows for the reindeers. Why? Have you tried rolling out cake balls and making them even? Have you tried dipping them in coating without them slipping off their sticks? The night before your child’s birthday party? STRESSFUL! I just wasn’t born that way.

So yes, marhsmallows. Out of a packet. They’re evenly formed, stick perfectly onto a lolly stick and dip really well into melted chocolate.

It really is a construction job and boy do they go down well. They taste lovely and look adorable. Ideal for school fairs, Christmas parties or as fun gifts. I’ve made them twice now and am considering doing them a third time just because they’re so cute.

You can hop on over to Parentdish for the full recipe>>>


  1. Hehe, loving the look of these Katie. Something to do with Izzy over the Christmas holidays I think!

  2. Brilliant! Definitely one for next Christmas! I may try other animals in the meantime! Much better than cake pops – who really wants to eat slightly stake cake crumbs squidged together with buttercream anyway?! Marshmallows are much better. I have been dipping in chocolate and topping with a Smartie or sprinkles for years, then discovered the little teacup idea, and this is even better. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Amy – nope I don’t have much time for cake pops – fiddly!!!! Marshmallows are definitely my fave approach… i’m going to do some this weekend for my son’s birthday party loot bags. Going to look up the teacup idea…


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