Ideas for home made edible Christmas gifts

Christmas Wishes in a jar

Sainsbury's Christmas Ambassador

Anyone feeling Christmassy yet?! I have to confess I’m already cranking up Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas while I’m cooking the kids’ tea…

I’m delighted therefore to have been chosen to be a Sainsbury’s Christmas Ambassador this year, so i’m on a mission to spread some festive cheer to you all. Get the tinsel out and ready yourselves…

First up is edible gifts – a brilliant way to keep the yuletide budget under control.

Whether you’ve got to provide goodies for a school Christmas Fair stall, or want to cut costs by making your own festive presents, I’ve got my top home made gift ideas to inspire and get you started…


Hot chocolate spoons

I made these Hot Chocolate Spoons as table presents for my mum’s 70th birthday party earlier this year – dead easy to make but are really eye catching. Who can resist a bit wedge of chocolate, studded with marshmallows plunged into a steaming cup of hot milk?!

chilli jam packaged up

Jars of jam, pickle or seasonal mincemeat are easy to package up and taste so much better than shop bought. Check out the Chilli Jam I made last year – it went down an absolute storm with my friends and family. It’s delicious in cheese sandwiches, brushed on cocktail sausages before baking in the oven as a party bite, or drizzled over grilled halloumi for a simple starter.

Christmas tree cake pops

These Christmas Tree Cake Pops were made for the home made goodies stall at last year’s School Christmas Fair and sold out pretty quick. Messy but fun to make and look pretty groovy.

Chocolate wishes by Katie Bryson for Parendish

Simple home made truffles are here transformed into Christmas Wishes in a jar – a recipe I put together for Parentdish recently. I found these jars in the dreamy Steamer Kitchen Shop… that place is dangerous!


Home made granola is a bit different and a lovely thing to sprinkle over your yoghurt of a festive morning! Again you can make a big batch of this and pour it into big storage jars to give to family, friends or even your child’s teacher.

Cookie Mix in a jar

Children love tinkering in the kitchen, so why not put them together a Cookie Mix in a jar – write the instructions on a pretty card and you’ve got a brilliant pressie right there.

I think the key is to make something simple but delicious and then package it up beautifully. Lakeland, Hobbycraft, Tiger, Ikea and indeed Sainsbury’s all have great stuff for presenting home made gifts in.

If you need more inspiration then check out my back catalogue of home made gift ideas

Here are a few products from Sainsbury’s brilliant range that I regularly use for my home made gifts

Sainsbury's cooking chocolateSainsbury’s Belgian Cooking Chocolate is fabulous for making truffles, chocolate brownies and for pouring into silicone moulds for making your own chocolates. The flavour of both the plain and the milk chocolates are both great. 200g will cost you £1.42

Sainsbury's Mini Loaf Cake CasesSainsbury’s Mini Loaf Cases give a great coffee-shop-esque finish to your bakes, or you could fill them with home made sweets or macaroons.
pack of 10 for £2.99

Disposable piping bagsSainsbury’s 
Plastic Piping Bags
are super convenient for squirting icing onto your bakes without too much mess as you can just chuck them out after you’ve finished with them rather than trying to clean them. I fill mine by popping them into a mug and folding the bag over the sides to secure it.
pack of 10 for £2.49

Sainsbury's festive hundreds and thousandsSainsbury’s Red, white and green hundreds and thousands are perfect for giving your bakes a quick festive sprinkle.
75g for £1.49

What home made gifts are you making this year?

Head over to Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less website for some more brilliant Christmas recipes and ideas.

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  1. Some great ideas here Katie! Those Christmas Wishes look so pretty.

  2. Some really great ideas on here for christmas, I shall without a doubt be doing the christmas wishes, my kids (& the grown ups) will love it, off to sainburys tomorrow for supplies :)

  3. Oh brilliant, I am making little pressies this year and love the look of the cookies in a jar. Thanks for sharing all your super fun and tasty ideas!