Warming Beef Bourguignon

Beef bourguignon with mustard mash

My parents-in-law flew back from their latest childcare mission in California at the weekend and looked utterly worn out and in need of cosseting. What better than a steaming bowl of tender beef cooked in red wine and rich beef stock and herbs with creamy mustard mash to sop up the gravy? (I may have sneaked some double cream into the mash shhhhh)

We may not be the sunshine state, but comfort food sure goes a little way to make up for it?!

The folks at Knorr are kindly supplying me with a seasonal box of goodies from the excellent Forman and Field every month – one of which I giveaway to a lucky competition winner, the other I get to keep.

So this month I cooked it up and filled the house with delicious wafts of casserole – and then popped it straight in the freezer ready for our weary house guests.

Beef Bourguignon is a traditionally French dish from the Burgundy region – and like many peasant dishes is cooked long and slow to allow cheaper tougher cuts of meat to become tender.

To stick to the original recipe you would add pearl onions and mushrooms towards the end of cooking. I kept it really simple though as I didn’t want to freak the kids out.

I had intended to add an interesting topping like a cobbler, or cheese scones like Sian at Fishfingers For Tea did recently. But I just ran out of time as I was too busy cleaning the house like a woman possessed, in that way you do when your in-laws are about to arrive!

Hop on over to Knorr for the full Beef Bourguignon recipe from Marco Pierre White, and let me just say their rich beef stock cubes are pretty darned good (they’ve not paid me to say that btw).

Slow cooked beef casserole has always been in my top 5 comfort foods… especially with a bit of bread and butter to soak up the gravy at the end of the meal.

What are YOUR favourite meals when you need a bit of love?


  1. Now this is my kind of food! It looks gorgeous and just right for the colder weather. Thank you for the mention lovely!