Win: £50 Experience Days voucher

Experience days

I have a £50 gift voucher for Experience Days to give away to one lucky Feeding Boys reader.

It’s a website full to bursting with lots of fun activities. Top of my list would be the gourmet experiences like chocolate making, cookery courses of every cuisine you can think of, learning how to mix up the perfect cocktail and exploring fine wines.

There are also pampering days out for spa lovers and more adventurous experiences like bungee jumping and fire walking. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find something!

You can redeem the voucher against any of the gift experiences on the website


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  1. Jane Townson says:

    A Fashion Makeover and Photoshoot.

  2. Jane Townson says:

    I’m following on google reader.

  3. Probably something fun like the ice climbing!

  4. Tina Holmes says:

    Got to be a spa day :)


  5. caroline mccabe says:

    would love to win this. I would treat my hubby of nearly 15 years to a meal experience, day out or hotel stay. Fingers crossed!

  6. I really want to try the chocolate workshop!

  7. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Always wanted to try Clay Shooting :)

  8. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Subscribed via Google Reader

  9. Cheryll Hastie says:

    On my dream day out me and my OH would go on a spa day followed by theatre and dinnner and then a posh hotel stay :) @pipersky1

  10. Cheryll Hastie says:

    Already subscribe in Google Reader :) @pipersky1

  11. This is super cool! On my dream day out… I would probably go chocolate making and then zorbing and finish the day up in the spa (you said dream and i dream big) but any one of these three would be wicked!

  12. laura banks says:

    i’d love to go rock climbing

  13. Lee Davis says:

    something adventurous like fire walking!

  14. Penny Stephens says:

    Walking in the countryside

  15. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would love to try sphereing and be rolled down the hill inside a huge plastic transparent ball!

  16. Alison Wakefield says:

    It has to be zorbing omg I love the look of that and its deffo my sort of thing.

  17. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am subscribed via Google Reader

  18. Amanda Steel says:

    go to a themepark

  19. paula burnside says:

    A nice realxing spa day would be lovely.

  20. Go on a clothes shopping spree

  21. paula burnside says:

    I already follow you on google reader

  22. angela sandhu says:

    has to be a spa day or afternoon tea with my mum

  23. Hot air balloon trip perhaps

  24. Would love to try Coasteering followed by a hot bath and a lovely meal!

  25. kathleen hooper says:

    on my dream day out I would take my OH for lunch at a top notch restaurant, followed by a west end show

  26. liz denial says:

    I’d have a pampering spa day

  27. A fashion makeover and photoshoot

  28. Natasha says:

    I would love to go to a posh hotel with my new husband with out the little ones for a romantic dinner!!

  29. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    My dream day out…well that means I don’t have to worry about the cost so in that case I’d do the helicopter flight, balloon trip and microlighting all in one day haha!

  30. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    I’m already subscribed by google! Thanks for the competition!

  31. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    A themepark or the zoo with my daughter

  32. Hayley Fountain says:

    a spa day x

  33. hannah howie says:

    Put the voucher towards something adventurous like sky diving and or white water rafting xD only live once

  34. I’ve always dreamt of going in a hot air balloon but its persuading someone to come with me, otherwise I would love a pamper day

  35. Claire D says:

    I would love to do the walk around the coast of wales, not in one obviously

  36. K. Sazanavets says:

    Afternoon tea!!

  37. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I’d love to do whisky or wine tasting

  38. Kelly woolfrey says:

    Would love a spa day x

  39. Ashleigh says:

    spa day and then a nice meal out!

  40. cheryl edwards says:

    Tea at the Ritz and a theatre show.

  41. Andy Dommett says:

    Driving Experiance

  42. claire woods says:

    Spa day followed by a new wardrobe.

  43. Chauffeur driven limousine to Westfield and then a good meal followed by a West End Show.

  44. JoJo Young says:

    I really fancy going on a Segway safari as it sounds so much fun!

  45. Kirsty Fox says:

    A spa break would be bliss

  46. Kirsty Fox says:

    I am subscribed via email and Google

  47. JoJo Young says:

    I sub via Google Reader :)


    I would drive a Ferrari. It would be a dream come true. My absolute favourite car.


    I am subscribed via RSS feed x

  50. Claire Louise Jones says:

    A spa day :)

  51. A hot air balloon trip would suit me I think, as long as there is somebody to hold my hand.

  52. helen harris says:

    I would have some me time in a spa being pampered and spoilt- bliss 😀

  53. helen harris says:

    I have subscribed via RSS 😀

  54. Harriet Westcott says:

    spa day :)

  55. Martina says:

    I would go on a air balloon trip, landing somewhere really exiting (like a safari in Africa)!

  56. Diana Cotter says:

    I’d take my mum for a special afternoon tea.

  57. Diana Cotter says:

    Subscribed via RSS

  58. siobhan marie says:

    afternoon tea with my gorgeous daughter x

  59. A picnic on the shore with the kids, paddling in the sea, eating, and just having fun.

  60. Lisa Barker says:

    I’d love to go Zorbing!! It looks so much fun and a very different day out!

  61. Julie Davies says:

    a lovely meal and lots of shopping with my best friend

  62. Carolyn Philip says:

    I would have lunch on a steam train

  63. EMMA J LOWE says:

    a spa day for me and my husband followed by a nice meal and stay over in a hotel

  64. EMMA J LOWE says:

    following by google reader (emma j lowe)

  65. Gillian Holmes says:

    Just relax.

  66. Gillian Holmes says:

    Subscribed to on RSS via Google reader as Gillian Holmes

  67. esther james says:

    afternoon tea and a pamper day!

  68. esther james says:

    subscribed to your blog

  69. Molly Schaffer says:

    I would go to a fancy restaurant! I love food :)

  70. Molly Schaffer says:

    Subscribed to you on Google Reader :)

  71. Susan Anderson says:

    Pamper day combined with some retail therapy 😀

  72. Definitely a cookery course.

  73. gemma blake says:

    I would love a hot air balloon trip or a nice pampering experience :0)

  74. gemma blake says:

    also following on google reader

  75. Rachel Finn says:

    Go Flying :)

  76. Would love to do some more rock climbing. Did it in a previous life and loved it. Fingers crossed, eh Katie

  77. Jennifer Guertin says:

    SPA day AND chocolate workshop!!!

    “Chocolate and SPA! Chocolate and SPA!”

  78. Jane Willis says:

    I’d have a pamper day – I really, really need one!

  79. Jan Bailey says:

    Food or pampering would fit the bill!

  80. katrina walsh says:

    Definitly a choccy workshop followed by a woodland picnic with the fam while we ate the chocolate and enjoyed each others company

  81. Kevin Honey says:

    Drive a Lambourghini

  82. claire hooper says:

    a pamper day x

  83. kirsty wiltshire says:

    entered – & following xx

  84. Victoria leedham says:

    I think a spa day would be lovely, I’ve never had one and id love a beak from 4kids

  85. take my kids to disney

  86. Solange says:

    Spa Day

  87. Fran Light says:

    My dream day out would be a cookery class – one that involved eating my creations of course :-)

  88. A relaxing spa day would be blisssss :)

  89. Heather Shaw says:

    i would go on a hot air balloon trip. i have always wanted to do this

  90. Heather Shaw says:

    subscribed to the blog

  91. I would have a nice pampering day on my dream day out! No talking, no sound, just relaxing! :) x

  92. I’ve added you to Google Reader :) x

  93. Nathalie Taylor says:

    I would love to go up in a hot air balloon :)

  94. Victoria Boland says:

    I would go somewhere with my husband and my son. Maybe outdoors and hopefully in the sunshine.

  95. Laura Carroll says:

    My ideal day would be a spa day with lots of massages and a few breaks for chocolate cookies and cocktails! 😀

  96. Laura Carroll says:

    Following with google reader x

  97. kat pope says:

    going to the opera in covent garden! i’ve subscribed via google +

  98. jamesmum says:

    it would have to be a spa day. x

  99. Michelle Utterlyscrummy says:

    I would LOVE to race around a track in a high performance car for the day. I am a closet speed demon LOL

  100. Michelle Grundy says:

    I’m not normally very adventurous and like to keep my feet on the ground… but this last year I’ve got it into my head that I want to go in a hot air balloon, so it would have to be that.

  101. Elizabeth Williams says:

    could do with a spa day right now, but an adventurous day would be exciting

  102. Elizabeth Williams says:

    subscribed via rss feed

  103. Katarzyna Szewczyk says:

    I would go for a Spa.

  104. kathleen hooper says:

    I have subscribed to your blog

  105. kate lancaster says:

    It would have to be circus skills – juggling and tightrope, followed by a gorgeous italian meal :-)

  106. julie lorraine thomas says:

    A lovely day in Cardiff walking by the quay in the sunshine then back to a hotel for an overnight stay, possibly with a spa (oooh wishing here)!

  107. Laura Pritchard says:

    Shopping, dinner & theatre tickets in London!

  108. Makeover


  109. Following via Google Reader


  110. Joanna Orr says:

    I’d love to go white water rafting!!!!!

  111. Sheila Reeves says:

    Dream day would be spa, followed by dinner and a great hotel with DH

  112. Sheila Reeves says:

    Subscribed via RSS/Google reader

  113. Isabel O'Brien says:

    Champagne hot air balloon flight would be nice!

  114. Janice Papworth says:

    A family day at the beach with a fish and chip supper

  115. Hazel Christopher says:

    My dream day out would be doing anything anywhere so long as I was with my little boy – we have great fun together whatever we do :)

  116. Hazel Christopher says:

    I’m subscribed via Google Reader

  117. Hannah Moody says:

    Champagne afternoon tea! :)

  118. Emma Howard says:

    A family day out somewhere!

  119. Dinner or afternoon tea with my man.

  120. Susan Ellams says:

    A wegway rally sounds cool

  121. Kate Cunningham says:

    I would like a pamper day at a lovely spa.

  122. Kate Cunningham says:

    Subscribed to blog (was already but redone just in case it didn’t show up)

  123. I’m following with google reader x

  124. melanie stirling says:

    I would go for a nice lunch or afternoon tea with my husband :)

  125. melanie stirling says:

    subscribed with google reader :)

  126. Chantal says:

    On my dream day out I’d be pampered – something like a spa day :)

  127. Isobelle Forde says:

    Have a go at ice climbing, need to get out of the sun for a bit, sounds like fun too!

  128. Clare Parker says:

    Spa Day, relaxing in a jacuzzi xx

  129. Carol P says:

    A pampering spa day

  130. I would indulge in a spa day

  131. michele omalley says:

    hire a limo to take me and husband to the malvern hills for a sumptious picnic with champagne, strawberries and little sandwiches and of course scotch egg my fav :) pure bliss

  132. I’d go to a lovely quiet place to get away from everything and relax. I’d also have a nice relaxing dinner with the hubby =) x

  133. Also following the RSS feed =) x

  134. Jane English says:

    Well presuming it doesn’t include George Clooney 😀 Then it would have to be going up in aa hot air balloon, landing somewhere very pictureque for a champange & salmon picnic, before setting back off in the balloon & flying into the sunset.

  135. Jane English says:

    I’ve signed up to recieve you emails. xx

  136. Karen R says:

    I’d love a pamper day

  137. Simon Thompson says:

    A spa day

  138. Jenni Ellaway says:

    Would love a ‘little trip out’ :)

  139. NICOLA T says:

    Cinema and a meal

  140. photo shoot with my son

  141. Emily Fowler says:

    My ideal day out would include good food, wine, and great company!

  142. Sphering!! It looks great fun :)

  143. Eleanor Jones says:

    Spa day :)

  144. HAYLEY WYNN says:

    i’d love to win a hot air balloon experience

  145. Kate O'Neill says:

    Spa day, for sure!

  146. Pamela Gossage says:

    spa day

  147. catherine plant says:

    i’d love to do a spa day

  148. olivia kirby says:

    a lovely spa day

  149. olivia kirby says:

    i subscribe to your blog xx

  150. Ursula Bingham says:

    I’d love to be pampered on a spa day

  151. rachael jones says:

    a helicopter flight for me !

  152. Love to have a go at the chocolate workshop!

  153. be pampered head to toe!

  154. Emma Wolski says:

    Go in a hot air ballon over disneyworld!

  155. Isabelle Smith says:

    a day of being waited on by sexy butlers

  156. Tina Lawton says:

    Would be zorbing for me, ;-)’

  157. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    A falconry experience with my dad.

  158. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Definitely a relaxing spa day.

  159. Samantha Ripley says:

    the chocolate workshops look great

  160. Samantha Ripley says:

    following with google reader as Sam R

  161. Sarah Redfern says:

    A lovely relaxing spa day would be a dream day out for me :-) x

  162. Nicola Bostock says:

    Some wild beach walking!

  163. Alice Hindley says:

    Visit a chocolate factory and eat loads of chocolate

  164. Susan Martin says:

    I would go on a fantastic relaxing SPA day with my hubby and have a great time

  165. Karen Barrett says:

    I would love a pamper day

  166. Karen Barrett says:

    I have subscribed via RSS feed

  167. Christina says:

    Afternoon tea somewhere posh

  168. Jon Payne says:

    I would like to win.

  169. oh how my daughter and I need a pampering spa day

  170. A spa day!

  171. Nancy Bradford says:

    London sightseeing.

  172. I would get a relaxing pamper day , just some me time without any kids or hubby

  173. following on google reader

  174. Carol Baker says:

    I would love to have a pamper day for me and my other half- both been busy busy and would be great to chill out :)

  175. helen rosbotham says:

    Id love a chocolate factory tour with tastings!!!

  176. have a thorough pamper day

  177. Sheri Darby says:

    A very posh afternoon tea

  178. Sheri Darby says:

    following on google reader

  179. Chocolate Workshop

  180. Rachel Blackburn says:

    a wine tasting experience sounds like fun :)

  181. Subscribed via Google reader

  182. Rachel Blackburn says:

    Already subsribed to you on google reader

  183. Angie Hoggett says:

    relaxation, luxury and rejuvenation!

  184. kim plant says:

    pamper day really need it lol x

  185. Scott Caldon says:

    spa day followed by the theatre and a nice meal

  186. Paul Witney says:

    Drop the kids off at grandparents. Have a nice leisurely lunch with my wife. See a show in the evening followed by a night in a posh hotel.

  187. jennie jackson says:

    aq hot air balloon ride

  188. Helen Keene says:

    I’d go on a spa day to have a nice relaxing day.

  189. Lisa Beddall says:

    spa day!

  190. Would love to do wine tasting to learn a bit more about it!

  191. Laura Cooper says:

    Afternoon tea somewhere nice with my mum.

  192. Laura Cooper says:

    I’ve subscribed via google reader

  193. Joanna Sawka says:

    a spa day with girfriends

  194. Charlotte Jones says:

    I’d treat my mum to a spa day with a girly afternoon tea for two :)

  195. Karly Phillips says:

    It would have to be a Kids Adventure Course for my two boys its been a hard year so far for them, with their dad expressing a preferance for his new girlfriends kids over them, me and their sisters dad spliting up and having to move to grandma’s and then grandma being diagnosed with cancer with the subsequent operations and treatments, I’m so proud of how well they are coping and how much they help out and would love a special day out just for them.

  196. Annie Brookes says:

    i would have a day of complete relaxation at a luxury spa.

  197. Karly Phillips says:

    subscribed via rss feed

  198. My dream day would probs just be a nice walk on a sunny day along the south Devon coast, like all the way from Dawlish to Brixham :/
    Thanks :)