Egg, ham and potato salad with greens

winter salad

This is a great family friendly salad you can knock up in big batches and have in the fridge for a quick nutritious lunch throughout the week.

Arlo normally has sandwiches at lunchtime, but i’m trying shake things up in his diet a bit, plus I want to avoid eating too much bread myself at the moment so this is ideal. Unlike Sam the leaf-muncher, If I gave Arlo a salad with lettuce in he wouldn’t touch it, but new potatoes and green beans he will trough down.

I nabbed the recipe from BBC Good Food March, and I was particularly delighted with the oil-free dressing that’s very simply lemon juice, mustard and honey.

You could substitute the ham for tinned tuna, get some olives in there, parma ham – whatever you’ve got knocking about in the fridge really. I roasted a chicken this weekend, so will be building the scraps from that into this week’s version.

Cooked new potatoes and beans are a great platform to build a salad on – mixing and matching to you and your children’s tastes.

I’ve scattered mine with munchy seeds – so good for you but have a very nice tasty coating on them which makes them perfect as a salad sprinkler. The kids really like them too.

What do you knock up for lunch during the week that works for you and your little ones?


  1. Elaine Livingstone says:

    love the vanilla pumpkin munchy seeds, they are very yum. May give this a try, trying to cut back on bread but find it hard as I love seedy breads and eat it just as it comes out of the packet…yum yum

  2. bread is too good isn’t it – but creamy new potatoes are lovely too…

  3. You’ve inspired me for another lunch option for Izzy, we’ve got a bit samey recently but I know she’d love this. I don’t know why I don’t do salads more often, they can be just as filling. This looks yum!